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Womens sex prime age

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Those numbers that everyone cites can be traced back to Alfred Kinseywho did his groundbreaking research on human sexuality in the s.

For women, it was in their mids. But think about year-old men.

Think about their sexual habits. So with that in mind, here are four different scientific explanations for when men and women hit their sexual peaks.

Obviously, this is an entirely subjective question — and answer — but their data can still be illuminating.

Womens sex prime age

Arousal involves all afe your senses — smell, site, touch — and, of course, your brain as. So using genital prime as a proxy for sexual prime may not be very accurate.

One study from researchers at the University of Texas found that women reached their sexual peak at in their womens sex prime age and 40sup until menopause, while men had a peak in number singles text chat orgasms in late teen years and then held steady basically until they died.

The authors of the study theorized that this was because there was a high mortality rate for infants and children back in the day. As a result, women had to actively try womens sex prime age get pregnant a lot in order to have the number of kids they wanted to.

So, the authors believe, women would benefit evolutionarily from having sex more frequently as they got older — at least until they became infertile. One survey conducted by marketing company Lippe Taylor and HealthyWomen.

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That could womens sex prime age because of one of two reasons: Everyone's heard about this "sexual peak" notion, right? Like that guys are at their sexual best around 18, and women hit their stride around 30—or something like.

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Well, according to a new survey by sex toy company Lovehoneywomen actually report having the "best sex" of their lives around domens womens sex prime age, while for men, it's age 32—so pretty much the opposite of the old "sexual peak" myth.

But the really interesting part of the survey is this: How to fuck single ladies online are Lovehoney found that 46 percent of people said they were having the best sex of their womens sex prime age with their current partners, regardless of age.

They also found that quantity doesn't necessarily have anything to do with quality—only 35 percent of people said they were having the "most sex" of their lives.

In other words: For many people, the best sex of their lives did not happen when they were having the wokens.

The bottom line here is that this whole idea of agee "sexual peak" is something you totally do NOT need to worry. But, she adds, there's no reason to lock that to a particular age or time. It's not a mountain where it will all go downhill from here; it's simply at a high point and can certainly stay womens sex prime age.

The Sexiest Age Ever.